Litigation Support, Disputes and Mediation

The provision of expert witness testimony, either as a joint single expert or a named expert representing one party, requires a logical and independent approach as well as a sense of proportion regarding the cost-effectiveness of our work. We always consider the depth and scope of our reports in relation to the size and complexity of the case and the financial amounts at stake.   We ensure our reports are clear, concise, relevant and fully-documented.

We are also mindful that our overriding duty as expert witness is to serve the Court. We take this obligation very seriously so that the expert witness reports we prepare for use in Court scrupulously are independent and objective.

However many shareholder disputes, whether caused by a falling-out of business partners or outside investors, are capable of being settled without the parties incurring the costs of litigation. We have many years’ experience of advising in these situations, where again the objectivity and clarity of our advice has proven its worth to clients.

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