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Parmentier Arthur offers a wide range of advice and services on unquoted company share and business valuation and related issues. Our longevity and standing in the business valuation community bear testimony to our effectiveness and expertise.

A typical week’s work can see us negotiating the value of business goodwill with HMRC, appearing as expert witness in a divorce case and advising on the value of a minority shareholding in preparation of its purchase by a majority shareholder. Whatever your situation, there is every chance that we have advised a number of times in similar circumstances.

Our services can conveniently be sub-divided as follows:
• Litigation support, disputes and mediation
• Valuations for commercial purposes
• Valuations for UK tax purposes including negotiating with the Shares and Assets Valuations division of HMRC
• Valuing intellectual property and intangible assets

Please use the following pages to discover how we can help with your problem.

Contact us on 01480 309369 email [email protected] or complete the contact form below.

Contact us on 01480 309369
email [email protected]
or complete the contact form below.



Need to settle a dispute over the value of a shareholding?


How much is your company worth?


Selling a majority shareholding. Is ot strategic? What is it worth?


Incorporating your sole trader business? What is the goodwill worth and what value will HMRC accept for tax purposes?


Negtiations with HMRC at an impasse? Need a new perspective?


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What HMRC means by “valuation”

When carrying out a valuation for tax purposes it must calculated on the correct basis and therefore it’s important to understand what HMRC means by the term valuation.

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Is “Fair Value” Always Fair?

Fair value provisions in articles of association A company’s Articles of Association often require shares to be valued “at fair value” variously by its auditor, an expert or someone recommended by the President of the...

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Goodwill To All Men? Part 2

HMRC and trade related properties Owners of trade-related properties (“TRPs”) face a particularly difficult task in persuading HMRC that there is any goodwill attaching to a TRP on incorporation (see previous Newsdesk...

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