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Negotiating with SAV

How Parmentier Arthur can Help You with SAV:

• If HMRC dispute a valuation, we will deal with their queries and justify our conclusions
• If you or your accountant have run into difficulties with share valuations for tax purposes, we can take on the case

Resolving these situations on the client’s preferred terms may be more of a challenge but Parmentier Arthur will always provide clear advice on the likely outcome and can take over responsibility for negotiations if needed. We also have a long history of successful achievement in negotiations with Shares and Asset Valuations based upon:

• a comprehensive understanding of the statutory framework and related case law governing fiscal open market valuations
• a detailed working knowledge of the methodologies, tendencies and general practice of SAV
• an extensive historical library of research material, and access to information sources both in the UK and abroad
• an in-depth understanding and analysis of the subject asset, necessary to optimise the valuation arguments presented in negotiations
• proven ability to represent clients’ interests in the face of HMRC scepticism or challenge

We only undertake negotiations when we believe that our involvement will be cost-effective given the tax at stake and will benefit the client’s position. Our expertise and considerable experience of dealing with SAV can make the difference between an acceptable outcome and unpalatable tax consequences.

Contact us on 01480 309369 email [email protected] or complete the contact form below.

Contact us on 01480 309369
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or complete the contact form below.


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